My Lovely Place of Residence

So, as I mentioned earlier, I’m living with a host family while I’m here in Buenos Aires. My host family lives in a lovely apartment in Congreso, at 140 Sarandí. Congreso is the neighborhood, or Barrio, that the Argentinean congress is in (in case the name wasn’t enough of a hint), and so is generally one of the older parts of the city. The apartment building is gorgeous and is from the 18th or 19th century (probably 19th; Anyway, it was built in a century not our own). It was modelled after a building in Paris, which is in keeping with all the French architecture here.

140 Sarandi

140 Sarandi

140 Sarandi

I absolutely love the building, although it does come with a few of the less-than-exciting perks of an older building, such as dialup internet and a really bad heating system. But it makes up for these with its completely bad-ass elevator, which makes me feel like a film-noir heroine whenever I use it.

My elevator.

My room is really pretty awesome; a little old, a little musty, but really colorful and cozy. My favorite parts are the green and purple walls, and the big paintings, some of which my host-madre Clara painted.

My Room

My room

So essentially, I love my apartment. Quarters are a little close, but that’s not really anything new to me anyway. The beautiful old architecture is already one of my favorite parts of Buenos Aires, and I’m so happy that I’m quite literally right in the middle of it. Finally, I will finish this post with a picture of the view from my bedroom window:

My View.


2 responses to “My Lovely Place of Residence

  1. Your apartment is GORGEOUS. Your room’s colors matches my room in the barn right now, but let me tell you, your building is about 102931029382 times nicer.

    Hope the abroad experience has been lovely so far, can’t wait to leave myself 🙂

  2. farcefodderandfoodstuffs

    Hi Emily! +1 to what ming said. I can’t believe the building, it’s outrageously pretty.

    Also, nice blog layout ;)… It’s freshman year all over again!

    Hope you are having a great time!

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