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Street Art and Murals in Buenos Aires

One of my favorite parts of Buenos Aires’ general aesthetic is all of the graffiti, street art, and murals that grace its walls and buildings. The level of skill and artistic value ranges widely, from spray painted words bashing Kirchner (the less-than-loved current president) to gorgeous murals and works of art. I haven’t been able to photograph nearly as many as I would like because carrying my camera with me all the time tends to make me nervous, but here is a selection of what I have photographed:

This one’s my absolute favorite so far:

Guinea pig

I call it the psychedelic guinea pig. Here’s a close up of the bottom left corner:


The text says “Tu basura es mi tesoro,” which means “your trash is my treasure,” and I’m pretty sure it’s a commentary on the cartoneros here. Cartoneros are people who make a living by sorting through the trash and selling the recyclables,¬† and they are a source of a lot of class tensions, controversy, etc.

This same mural extends into this scene:


I haven’t figured out the significance of these¬† anthropomorphized, dismembered critters yet, but no matter what they’re pretty cool.

Here are some more favorites:

monster thing

tentacle thingy


I love this one, because it says “Por amor, usa preservativo,” o en ingles, “For love, use a condom.” Che cares about social equality, and safe sex too!