Jenn, Julia, Blaine, and Val’s Delightful Details

What happens when four stylish students, two of them artists, move in together? In the case of my friends Jenn, Julia, Blaine, and Val, you turn an old rundown apartment into a colorful, eclectic space full of entirely unique details.

I’ll start with Julia’s room. I absolutely love this giant graphic poster. In an apartment where you can’t/aren’t allowed to paint the walls, sometimes simply covering them up might be your best option. Typically, walls covered in posters skew a little too high school, but oversized ones like this can look great, especially on a matte paper with bold graphics.

I love Julia’s use of an old window pane as a jewelry rack. She chose to leave the glass in the pane to stick photos to, but I think an empty pane would also be a great idea – you could just drape necklaces and such over the rungs, in addition to hanging earrings on them.

A theme throughout the apartment was mixed and matched prints. This chair/pillow combination in Julia’s room was my favorite; the reds in both pattens unite them nicely.

Another good example was the florals of Jenn’s tapestry and armchair:

I love the old-fashioned floral patterns on  both of the chairs. Also, Jenn’s tapestry is another nice way of covering up boring white walls.

The kitchen was one of the less interesting rooms, but it had a few gems in it that were creations of Blaine’s. This chair was a design project for one of his classes:

He took an old vintage chair that had once been in a college lounge, stripped it down of all upholstery and finish, and then detailed it by hand with a morphed check pattern. The chandelier above the table was another one of Blaine’s designs, made out of a repurposed bicycle wheel and hubcap:

Blaine’s room, although quite cluttered, was full of strange gizmos and trinkets which turned the whole space into a giant still-life waiting to be composed.

Artists’ tools like a paintbrush and a finger cast were scattered everywhere. His walls were also laid out with a mixture of framed pictures and posters, which looked great against the wood panelling.

Little details like the moose figurine balanced on the picture frame are exactly what I love about this apartment. Finally, I’ll finish with the living room:

In person, the carved wood and leather chair was distinctive and striking. It had an old professorial vibe to it, without coming off as stuffy or boring. I also loved the display of colored glass jars and beer caps on the table next to it.

I think the assortment on this table best represents the apartment: cluttered and obviously home to some college kids, but also artfully decorated and visually stimulating.

Special thanks to Jenn M., Blaine O., Julia R., and Val C. for letting me creep around their apartment with a camera.


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